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These therapeutic Wheat, Rose petal and Geranium pain relief packs smell heavenly! 
🌹 Rose and rose geranium are both known to be healing and uplifting, and can help to ease anxiety, stress, tension, fatigue and depression.
Rose Geranium Essential Oil also has a soothing effect that promotes greater feelings of relaxation.
These packs contain both dried rose petals AND Geranium (*pelargonium graveolens) 100% pure essential oil. 
* Pelargonium graveolens is a rose-scented geranium (unlike the common annual garden geraniums) - so the overall scent of these packs is rose. 

🌾 As with all of my Wheat packs, these can be either heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer to help relieve general aches and pains ✅
Use in either of the two ways, as you prefer:
1. Heat pack - pop in microwave for times as stated on pack label.
2. Chill pack - simply place in a bag in the freezer for a few hours.
SIZE: Approx 16" x 4.5"
These wheat packs/bags can help to relieve aching muscles and painful joints and other aches and pains, such as:
Tummy cramps
Shoulder pain
Neck pain/tension
Period pain
Back ache
Knee pain
** Can be very soothing for Headaches/Migraines when chilled.
** Do not place directly onto eyes
** Always follow heating instructions
** Do NOT overheat
When used as a heat pack, these make a safer alternative to a hot water bottle.

****** The collage image shows a picture of the essential oil used for descriptive purposes only - the bottle of essential oil is NOT included in your purchase. ******
** These wheat packs are more expensive than my Lavender (and Lemon balm) ones because of the high cost of the materials used**

Wheat pack with Rose petals and Rose geranium, Heat/Chill, pain relief, healing

SKU: rosewheat
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