These therapeutic Wheat and Lemon Balm pain relief packs are also infused with the gorgeous scent of Litsea Cubeba essential oil - Scandi flowers design.
πŸƒ Lemon Balm may help to
β€’    relieve stress and anxiety βœ…
β€’    ease insomnia βœ… AND
β€’    boost cognitive function βœ…
πŸ‹ Litsea Cubeba is calming and uplifting, with a gorgeous lemon-type fragrance (I think it smells a bit like sherbet lemon sweeties) and can help you to let go of worry, stress and fears. It is also said that it could help with mild depression.
🌾 As with all of my Wheat packs, these can be either heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer to help relieve general aches and pains βœ…
Use in either of the two ways, as you prefer:
1. Heat pack - pop in microwave for times as stated on pack label.
2. Chill pack - simply place in a bag in the freezer for a few hours.
SIZE: Approx 16" x 4.5"
These wheat packs/bags can help to relieve aching muscles and painful joints and other aches and pains, such as:
Tummy cramps
Shoulder pain
Neck pain/tension
Period pain
Back ache
Knee pain
** Can be very soothing for Headaches/Migraines when chilled.
** Do not place directly onto eyes
** Always follow heating instructions
** Do NOT overheat

When used as a heat pack, these make a safer alternative to a hot water bottle.
These packs are filled with natural wheat and dried lemon balm leaf with the addition of a little Litsea Cubeba essential oil, too, for extra long lasting scent and healing qualities.

Wheat pack with Lemon Balm & Litsea, Heat/Chill, pain relief, healing - Flowers

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