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Wheat and Lavender Heat or Chill pack - Dinosaur adventures! White.
Wheat bags are very comforting and the scent of lavender can soothe, calm and help restful sleep, too.
They can help to promote healing and bring relief from a variety of aches and pains and these ones are such fun for any dinosaur lovers!
There's a choice of two dinosaur fabrics - in blue or green.
Use in either of two ways, as you prefer:
1. Heat pack - pop in microwave for times as stated on pack label.
2. Chill pack - simply place in a bag in the freezer for an hour or more.
SIZE: Approx 9" x 5"
These wheat packs/bags can help to relieve aching muscles and painful joints and general aches and pains, such as:
Tummy cramps/tummy ache
Shoulder pain
Joint pain
Back ache
Knee or leg pain
** Can be very soothing for Headaches/Migraines when chilled.
These packs are filled with natural wheat and **Lavender (see below)**
When used as a heat pack, following the heating instructions, these make a safer alternative to a hot water bottle, so are much safer for children.
❗️Always follow HEATING INSTRUCTIONS ➡️HEAT gradually on first use to ascertain the level of warmth you require - As microwaves can vary I recommend that you initially heat in the microwave for 30 seconds, then follow with 20-30 second "bursts" (IF required) until it reaches the warmth you are comfortable with (these are 800W times).

❌ Do NOT overheat or re-heat while still warm !!

❌ Never leave children under 3yrs old unattended with a heated product.

❌ Do not place in a cot or pram with an infant or baby.

** " Lavender has many healing qualities ... It’s soothing, calming, balancing, re-vitalising, relaxing and refreshing, and has anti-depressant qualities, which can also help release fears, relieve anxiety, stress, irritability and nervous tension.
It helps to combat insomnia and is great for headaches and migraines too.
Because of its capacity to inspire deep relaxation it can help us to remain calm and relaxed through any period of illness, thus aiding and speeding recovery" ~ Mary Jac

Wheat and Lavender Heat/Chill pack - Dinosaur adventures! White

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