Archangel Raphael Deep Healing Essence - Healing essential oil blend with organza gift bag.
Inspired by Archangel Raphael, this powerful combination of healing essential oils, is, in my opinion, and from personal experience, very powerful. 
It contains *TEN carefully researched key ingredients*, on a bed of Amethyst, to assist healing on all levels.
💜 This essence has been Reiki blessed/charged for maximum benefit 
💜 Size: 30ml (85mm high) ** This listing is for one x 30ml bottle 
Ingredients: Lavender, Listea Cubeba, Sandalwood, Neroli, Geranium, Myrtle, Orange, Geranium, Frankincense, Myrrh, Almond oil, Amethyst.
If you are poorly in any way, please check out the information and qualities of all the oils used in this blend which has been created to give spiritual healing support - SEE image 7.
This information sheet, which also gives "how to use" information, will be included with your purchase to enable you to refer back to it any any time.
** How to use: Put a little bit of the essence in an oil burner or diffuser to absorb the fragrance and invoke its qualities, or infuse a small piece of cotton wool with the oil and place on a central heating radiator for the same effect,and you can rub a little oil on to each wrist (always check for skin sensitivity, as with any essential oils) to keep this calming and healing fragrance within your auric field at all times.


** General precautions for using any essential oils
Essential oils may cause skin sensitivity in some individuals (we are all different!).
It is generally advised that you do not use any essential oils if pregnant or breast feeding.
Although some of the ingredients included in this Essence have been favourably mentioned in a Cancer Research STUDY we do NOT claim to be able to cure cancer or to stop it from developing.
This essential oil blend, and the information provided above, are intended as a spiritual support and are not a replacement for any medical prescription or treatment.
If you are unwell, or undergoing medical treatment, you should always consult your medical practitioner before using any essential oils.

Healing Essential oil blend - Archangel Raphael Deep Healing - Calming -Healing