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Hag stone trio -  Protection amulet - Odin stones - Adder stones - Witch stones - Faerie stones - Wishing stones - Holey stones - with a  unique Blessing for Protection, Healing & Abundance.
Stones number 42 - this trio of hag stones comes with a jute tie, to enable hanging, and is presented in a pretty organza gift bag (colour may vary).
Sizes of stones, at widest points, are approx 4.5cm x 3.5cm, 4cm x 4cm and 5cm x 3.5cm 
WHAT IS A HAG STONE?  A Hag Stone is a rare and extremely magical stone tumbled by tides and winds through time with a natural hole right through it, made by the movement of water continually over hundreds of years. 
They have been used through the ages to promote HEALING, bring PROTECTION and inspire GOOD LUCK.  
WISHING upon a Holey Hag Stone is said to help your wishes come true!  
Folklore says that hanging Hag Stones over doors and windows brings PROTECTION and hanging them above your bed protects you against nightmares and negative influences, and that keeping a Hag Stone with, or near you will help you to HEAL.  
Legend also says that they bring extra "SEEING" and insight - If you close one eye and peer through the hole in a fairy stone with the other, it's said that you may see invisible beings such as Fae folk!  
Hag stones are also known as Holey stones, Lucky stones, Odin Stones, Witch Stones, Faerie Stones, Wishing Stones, Seeing Stones, Eye Stones, Adder Stones and Protection Amulets.
These stones are from the south coast of England. They are rare and unique.
🔴 The blessing was written by and is copyright of Mary Jac/The Cornwall Connection and must not be reproduced elsewhere.

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Whichever stones you are drawn to are the right ones for you!

Hag stone trio 42 - Protection amulet with blessing

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