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Eye pillow - Wheat filled - Unscented - Soothes tired eyes - Eases headaches - Blocks out light - Aids relaxation - Beach huts design
Bliss for strained eyes after too much screen time!
You can use this eye pillow in either of two ways, as you prefer:
1. Heat pack - pop in microwave for time as stated on pack label.
2. Chill pack - simply place in a bag in the freezer for an hour.
** Can be very soothing for Headaches/Migraines when chilled.

Weight: approx 240g

Size: approx 8" x 4"

❗ Always follow heating instructions.

❌ DO NOT OVERHEAT or re-heat while still warm.

n.b: Due to the pattern repeat of the fabric, the beach huts will not necessarily be placed as they are in the images in this listing.

Eye pillow - Wheat filled - Unscented. Soothe tired eyes - Ease headaches. Huts

SKU: EyePillowBeachHuts
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