Archangel Ariel Abundance Essence

Inspired by Archangel Ariel and further guided by the 7 Angels of abundance
I believe that I have chosen and blended 7 essential ingredients to create the most powerful and unique essence to attract prosperity into our lives.
The essence is made more powerful by the inclusion of citrine crystal – the stone of wealth and prosperity, and is infused in almond oil which is said to promote wealth, amongst its many other spiritual qualities!
This is a totally unique angelically inspired combination, the aim of which is to bring an enduring (rather than fleeting) abundance to all who use this oil, and the spiritual connotations of the inclusion of “liquid gold”, frankincense and myrrh go without saying ...
Each 30ml (85mm high) bottle has been dedicated with loving intent by Mary,
and Reiki blessed/charged by Mary Jac, too, for maximum efficacy.


Grapefruit, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Ginger, Black spruce, Black pepper.
How to use: Put a few drops in an oil burner or diffuser to absorb the fragrance and invoke its qualities, or infuse a small piece of cotton wool with the oil and place on a central heating radiator for the same effect, and you can drop a little oil on to each wrist (always check for skin sensitivity, as with any essential oils) to keep this fresh and powerful fragrance within your auric field at all times.Do not consume.


Attracting Abundance Essential oil blend - Archangel Ariel Abundance Essence