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This beautiful collection of over 55 unique and inspiring blessings, poems, prayers and quotes has been written and put together by Mary Jac,
with the aim of bringing support and comfort to all who are in need.
This reassuring little book has 4 sections:
* Comfort & Healing -To support and reassure in times of need
* Blessings - To bestow good wishes upon those you love
* Bereavement Comfort For times when you need it the most
* Angel Prayers - To help you send your prayers to Heaven
Keep it in your pocket to gain inspiration at any time!

**  ISBN 978-0-9569870-2-0

💌 We mail this little book out regularly to ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Angel Blessings Poems & Prayers Book - A Pocketful of Comfort - by Mary Jac

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