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🌿 This listing is for the purchase of the "A Pocketful of Angels" Angel Message Cards AND the "Embracing our Angels" book TOGETHER, thus saving money.

This is an inspiring combination. 

💎 Daily angelic guidance with messages from "easy to use" Angel cards AND in the book you can learn about the Angels that surround YOU, how they can help you with the A-Z of angelic assistance, read lots of TRUE and amazing Angel encounters, find out about how children see Angels AND lots, lots more too!

🌷 You will also get a FREE 2 card reading. Two Angel cards will be specifically drawn for YOU from an "A Pocketful of Angels" deck,  then signed and placed in your package with your cards and book ~ Mj (Author)



ISBN 978-0-9569870-1-3

ISBN 978-0-9569870-0-6

A Pocketful of Angels Message Cards AND Embracing our Angels book - by Mary Jac

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