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Hag Stones & Wishing Stones
The folklore behind them

A Hag Stone is a rare and extremely magical stone tumbled by tides and winds through time with a natural hole right through it, made by the movement of water continually over hundreds of years. 
They have been used through the ages to promote HEALING, bring PROTECTION and inspire GOOD LUCK.  
WISHING upon a Holey Hag Stone is said to help your wishes come true!  
Folklore says that hanging Hag Stones over doors and windows brings PROTECTION and hanging them above your bed protects you against nightmares and negative influences, and that keeping a Hag Stone with, or near you will protect you and help you to HEAL.  
Legend also says that they bring extra "SEEING" and insight - If you close one eye and peer through the hole in a fairy stone with the other, it's said that you may see invisible beings such as Fae folk!  
Hag stones are also known as Holey stones, Lucky stones, Odin Stones, Witch Stones, Faerie Stones, Wishing Stones, Seeing Stones, Eye Stones, Adder Stones and are used as Protection Amulets.
Our hag stones are searched for and collected from the south coast of England. They are rare and unique.
The blessing was written by and is copyright of Mary Jac/The Cornwall Connection and must not be reproduced elsewhere.

Hagstone Protection Amulet Trio



A Wishing Stone is a magical stone or pebble that is found on the seashore and has a white quartz ring on it somewhere.
The ring must be complete, encircling the stone. The ring can be singular, or crossed by other rings. As long as there is one complete ring, legend says that the magic will work.
It has been believed for centuries that if you make a wish for yourself upon the rock, it's said to come true, and if you make a wish with it for someone else, or pass a wishing rock to a friend, then their wish AND all of yours are said to come true, too!
Popular lore says that to make your wish while tracing the white quartz line with your finger at the same time will enhance the chances of your wish coming true.
You can keep a small wishing rock in your pocket, or place it close to where you sit, work, or sleep!
Place larger rocks near the entrance to your home to invite your wishes to come to you.

Our wishing stones have been searched for and collected from the coastline in Cornwall. They are fresh from the seashore, have not been previously owned, and are completely natural.

They are all unique.

Wishing stones
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